Davidson Institute - Our Founders

Bob and Jan Davidson founded the nonprofit Davidson Institute for Talent Development out of a concern that our nation's most gifted and talented young people were largely neglected and underserved.

In 1998, after two years of research assessing the needs of the population The Davidson Foundation conceived of the Davidson Young Scholars program to recognize profoundly intelligent young people and provide support services for each child based on his or her particular needs. When the Young Scholars pilot program was launched the next year, 15 profoundly intelligent children were identified and supported. Jan and Bob both were involved actively with the children and their parents. They were so impressed by these families' critical need for support that they formed the Davidson Institute for Talent Development to focus specifically on serving profoundly intelligent young people.

Jan and Bob's active involvement with the Institute, their devotion to fulfilling its mission and their entrepreneurial leadership has focused the team on serving its clients and achieving results.

To learn more about the work of the Davidson Institute, view our Annual Reports and Core Values.

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